Elysian Consulting

About us

Elysian Consulting dedicated staff have decades of experience solving business problems through implementing technology solutions.

We are  senior, highly experienced, qualified professionals, you can be sure that they will be able to understand your specific needs.

We are Practical

You can be certain that our advice is based on real world outcomes, costs, and timeframes. We have real world experience in solving the challenges companies face today.

We are Independent

You can trust our advice to reflect your specific situation and needs rather than a technology or supplier bias.

We are technology and supplier independent: We are not aligned to specific technologies or suppliers; we do not take commissions; but advise only on the best implementation or integration service.

We are Pragmatic

You can rely on our advice being focused on the business outcome rather than technology tools.

Our belief is that technology should serve the business and our methodologies focus on determining the best way to solve your business need, rather than the best way to justify the latest technology.